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I'm Gonna put single pics here that i get


Chase doing one of his Chase  thanks to cam at COASTALBC.COM for taking this picture

Keith Busting out thanks to cam at COASTALBC.COM for taking this picture


Chris Redding doing one of the sweetest japan grabs i've ever seen


Me - Much thanks to Cam @ Coastal BC for these pics

switch 180 / 2nd jump

tail grab / 2nd jump

tail grab / left wall

tail grab / left wall

shit all / right wall



February 3rd Day up the mountain

us rolling up at 8:45

derek busting a 360 in the pipe

me pissed off as hell with my knees

big man on campus doing an indy off big air

my attempting a japan off big air then eating shit

Keith pulled his best method i've seen.

me doing the first backflip i landed.

keith attempting a backflip - he got upside down then kinda stalled and ate shit haha funny.

me hiking back from my backflip note keith in the background above my head

We all were bestowed the honor of riding the lift with the asian cowboy. (in the background)


Chris Reddin's Pic

Chase doing a boot grab

Chase doing a sweet but weird

Chris Reddin doing japan off i htink first jump

Chris Reddin diong a sweet tail grab off second mini park jump

Chris REdding doing another tail grab

Big man on campus keith going for the method

looks like we have some sort of genius here

shithead doing a little 180 off first

shithead doing a 180 over large marge

shithead doing a 180 liu kang over large marge

me off the launch

me trying to do a tail grab with left hand right ski

Reddin the beaker was under the lip for this pic

Ray who prefers to be called Gary doing a nice straight air

Ryan Trant doing a sweet Indy

need i say more.


February 15th up the mountain, with me steve colin and keith, colin did a pretty good job of taking all the pictures -  which was much appreciated, him being the powder king!

me trying for a liu kang over big air

me colin steve at teh top of harry's

keith doing a 50 50 railslide

hehe we all sprayed colin well

keith got this friction burn from jacking off too much, jk, he blew his hand up with a screaming deamon or something

keith doing a straight air over big air

same thing

me trying a handplant and eating shit

me trying a handplant and eating shit again

stevie wonder doing a big ass 180 over large marge

steve going for a handplant lol eating shit too

this one was funny as hell he slid head first down back into the pipe

stevie wonder goes for a disaster to switch (by accident lol)